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My Mum taught me to cook, and involved me in the kitchen from an early age. She was patient, kind, and generous with her time. Plus, she always let me lick the beaters! I love cooking with Mum. Geographically, that is now impossible. This is my way to share my love for cooking, and my love for my mother. She cooks some of my recipes and we compare notes - from two different hemispheres!

I live happily ever after with my husband and our two darling sons in Phoenix, AZ.

I was born and raised in New Zealand, so I have adapted most of my original recipes from NZ measurements to USA ones.

I have tried to include metric AND US measurements, just use your measuring cups/spoons - and you'll be fine (or click here for my conversion charts)



  1. Thank you for those lovely words. You keep me cooking wonderful food for MY Food Critic - but he loves everything I cook anyway! xx

  2. Hey Kylee!

    I can relate. I miss cooking with my mom, too.

    Love the new look of your blog!


  3. Not sure how I missed the new blog look, but apparently I don't check your blog enough. I will remedy this.

  4. I've always been envious of your cooking endeavors and now I can get some new ideas, thanks! I'm jealous of your confidence to try canning too! I think I may venture into it soon. :)

  5. Still Checking your Blog. Love all the new recipes and the inspiration it gives me to continue cooking lovely meals. Sometimes it gets 'hard' to think of tasty quick things to feed my Food Critic, and having you here, keeps me focused. Love you. xx

  6. Hi Kylee, I'm visiting your mum and Stan, just had a lovely dinner. I happened to say I need a good recipe for Russian Fudge and she said "Look on Kylee's blog!" so I did. That's why this is coming from your mum's computer,lol!! regards, Jacquie


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